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Spice Up Your Email?

by Google Tips

Posted on October 26, 2016

Want to spice up your email? Here are a couple of ideas you may want to try:

Toolbar Options

Without much trouble at all, you can just start using the tools that are already there at the bottom of the "Compose" message window.

​I just added that image above by using the "Insert Photo" button. Likewise, you can turn any words in your message to a link by using the "Insert Link" button, or you could format your text, attach a file, or (my new favorite) insert an emoji

Random Signature

Sometimes it's fun to be a little crazy: how about adding a random quotation to your email? Keep people wondering (or in my case -- confirm their suspicions). 

​Search for the Chrome extension "random signature" and you can inject random quotes in your Gmail signature. Good luck with that...

Wisestamp Extension

A little more complicated than the others, this one requires that you build your own signature by filling in the blanks. It's free if you accept the basic template, but you have to go "Pro" to get the fancy stuff or remove the "branding" on your new signature.

Look at my signature below. Wisestamp let's you add social media links, if that's important to you. Just search the Chrome Web Store for "wisestamp" and follow the steps. Or go to their web site and see if you're tempted to go all in.

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