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February 14 to Wednesday, March 6, 2017

by Job Requests

Posted on February 13, 2017

Primary activity – Prepping computer workstations for state testing. Completed on March 8. The tasks addresses included:

  • repair of two computers with hardware problems
  • updating to Mac OS Sierra, 10.12.13
  • updating all apps available
  • updating Flash and Java
  • deleting old testing account (OCCT)
  • creating new testing account (OSTP)
  • setting account picture (avatar) for OSTP logo
  • deleting all apps from doc in test account
  • setting sleep and screen saver for test conditions
  • setting auto logout after 1 hour of idle time
  • testing guest account (prior problems with keychain resolved by OS update)
  • installing kiosk test client
  • setting desktop picture for test account to OSTP logo
  • placing kiosk app in dock and on desktop as an alias
  • site readiness testing on each workstation for middle school and for high school testing credentials
  • site readiness verification


March 6th Service Disruption – Members of the middle school staff reported disruption of service beginning around noon. To determine root cause of the event:

  1. examined the traffic graph (SNAP from OneNet) and only noted a small decrease in traffic
  2. examined the Meraki Dashboard and found no unusual indicators
  3. tested connectivity in a variety of settings, found that some wifi (Guest) working and others not (Konawa)
  4. contacted OneNet requesting examination of edge and monitoring, nothing noted
  5. contacted DNI, problem identified as DHCP service on admin server
  6. contacted RecTec, shut down services on all VMs, fixed issue with Symantec, restarted physical machine, problem resolved

Account created for new employee and credentials sent to Kim Wilson

Andrea Sewell – printing issue, resolved

Patty Davenport – issue with Netflix video not playing, switch browser from Safari to Chrome, problem resolved

New Student – account created, credentials mailed to Amanda Lampkin

Technology Survey completed for SDE (March 8th)

Samantha Adkins – printing issue, resolved by having elementary HP LJ4200 repaired

Lori Kiker – Smartboard issue, resolved