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Konawa Festival

 Konawa Festival 

Monday, November 28th

4:00 Wewoka Homer Maroon Girls
4:45 Wewoka Homer Maroon Boys
5:30 Konawa Homer White Girls
6:15 Konawa Homer White Boys
7:00 Konawa Byng Girls
7:45 Konawa Byng Boys

Tuesday, November 29th

4:00 Konawa Homer Maroon Girls
4:45 Konawa Homer Maroon Boys
5:30 Wewoka Homer White Girls
6:15 Wewoka Homer White Boys
7:00 Konawa Wewoka Girls
7:45 Konawa Wewoka Boys

Home team is listed first. Admission is $2.00 per adult and $1.00 per child. Concession will be available.