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Posted Date: 01/26/2017

Did you just hear something on the announcements this morning, but now you can’t remember exactly what they said? Did you miss the announcements completely? Are you a parent who wonders when or where an activity is scheduled, but your kids never seem to know? We are going to try to fix these problems with online announcements. 

Here on the Konawa Public School website, under the News sections, we have created a new Announcements Blog. Administrators and others with this responsibility can now post announcements directly to the blog. We hope to promote the use of the blog so that it contains the exact same information as the morning announcements. 

Teachers: anytime you have an item that you want to include in announcements, please email this information to your building principal so that they can add it to the announcements blog and get it on the morning announcement list. If you are a “frequent flyer” for announcements and would like to have the ability  to post to the blog directly, then discuss this with your building principal.